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Our Mission

A2 Ministries International provides on-site training for pastors and church leaders, to help develop a discipleship process, small group leadership, and equip churches with a sustainable and practical discipleship multiplication system. A2 Ministries also provides custom international mission trips for churches, companies, and groups.

Meet Terry & Jen Tolbert

Terry has over 30 years experience in ministry in small groups, discipleship, and training.  Terry has also worked in the corporate space for 12 years, in sales, marketing, and corporate training, as well as 8 years in non-profit executive leadership.

Jen Tolbert was the founder of a global women’s ministry, having been a writer and speaker to women across the US and internationally, in Nicaragua, Honduras, and Uganda.  Jen also works in Sales for a HR-related software company.

Served in 5 churches in Florida, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina. Married to an amazing woman Jen, Terry has successfully helped 5 children to successfully get “off the payroll”! Terry and Jen live and work in the Charlotte, NC region.

Our Story

Having served as a pastor for over 21 years, I have learned (mostly the hard way), that discipleship doesn’t happen by accident…it doesn’t happen in the pulpit during a sermon… and it doesn’t happen without intention. If Jesus poured His life into 12 men and banked His entire ministry into growing the church through discipleship, than maybe we should too. This workshop comes from many years of having tried things that worked and having banged my head on the wall enough on the things that DIDN’T work. This workshop helps teach practical ways steps to disciple people…who will disciple people… who will disciple even more people.

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