Current Projects

A2 Ministries is actively working on several projects around the world to best support our domestic and international partners.


Our mission and training project in Africa launched in 2015. A2 Ministries is helping support our Uganda partner, Good News Ministries, in launching 400 new discipleship cell groups through 2024!  We have also trained in Kenya, Burundi, and Rwanda.  We have pending requests in the Congo, Uganda, and Tanzania.

Ugandans, who recently gave their lives to Christ at an outreach event, attending a meeting to get connected to a new discipleship cell group.

Our partner, Solomon Mwesige, of Good News Ministries, training for a new discipleship cell launch in Nakabugo, Uganda

Our Uganda partner, Solomon Mwesige, training for new cell launch in Kalambi, Uganda

Latin America

Our mission and training project in Latin America launched in 2010 and will continue for many years. A2 Ministries is helping create regional Pastor Conferences in various areas of Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Belize. The goal of these conferences is to help launch discipleship groups and plant new churches, by training pastors and church leaders at a 2-day conference.  We have current requests in Panama, Honduras, and Mexico.

Pastor training in El Eden, Honduras


A2 Ministries International is partnering with Carolina-based churches, to engage members in discipleship and mission with international churches. The focus of this project is to pair mission ministries in the Carolinas with international pastors and church leaders, in order for the church to learn the essentials of discipleship and “adopt” an international (Third World) church for several years.

International pastors and church leaders


1. Pair Mission Ministries with an international church.

2. Coordinate a year-round discipleship program for churches.

3. Culminate the partnership by coordinating an international mission trip. The plan is to encourage stateside mission ministry partners to plan at least one mission trip to visit their international counterparts. Time spent abroad would focus primarily on discipleship and leader multiplication. The trip would ideally be the first of a regular cadence of trips, resulting in Kingdom impact accruing over 5+ years.

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